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VR3DTM Features

Wearable head mount with adjustable straps that allow you to use it hands free.

Bigger lens and size of device makes it compatible with Smart phones with bigger screen size (3.5” to 5.8” screen size).

It looks decent and fashionable in Esthetic view and comes in different colors and designs.

High quality resin lenses give clear view without distortion.

Best suited for personal use as well as for gifting purposes.


VR3DTM is a wearable headset that allows you to experience virtual reality, 3D games and 3D movies in your smart phone anywhere, anytime. VR3DTM headset enables a person to become a part of a virtual world or get immersed within an environment and whilst there, is able to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions. Just snap the phone into the headset, and dive into virtual reality anytime, anywhere. VR3DTM will change the definitions of your smart phone. Don’t be misguided, virtual reality is not just for gaming ; virtual reality has high scopes in the fields of business, sports, media, education, healthcare, architecture, design, film making and many others. You have got everything you need, smart phones and media, all you need is VR3DTM headset.

“Enjoy Virtual Reality and 3D Content in your Smart Phone”


How to use your VR3DTM Headset

Step 1
Start Virtual Reality Games/ Apps (downloaded from Play store/ App store) or 3D content you want to view.

Step 2
Open the front flop and simply slide your phone in it.

Step 3
Align the center of the screen with the VR3DTM headset.

Step 4
Secure the flaps with Velcro to prevent your phone from falling.

Step 5
Adjust the head strap according to your convenience and wear the VR3DTM headset.

Step 6
Enjoy the world of virtual reality and 3D.

How to fold VR3DTM Headset

Step 1
Carefully remove the eyepiece from the headset.

Step 2
Then remove the central nose piece.

Step 3
Slide and press to flatten the remaining headset.

Step 4
Fold the front flap.

Step 5
Your compact VR3D headset is ready to be carried anywhere without any fuss.



  • Made of Laminated Duplex Board/ composite version/ Plastic Version
  • Comes in different colorful prints and fully assembled. It also comes with folded version
  • Wearable with adjustable headbands which makes it comfortable for everyone
  • Bigger lens allows almost 100% cinemascopic theatre view for mobiles with screen sizes from 3.5″to 5.5″
  • High quality resin lens gives a clear view without distortion

Other products inspired by Google cardboard

  • Made of cardboard
  • Looks cheap as it’s a DIY project assembled at home and made of cardboard
  • Not wearable
  • Not compatible with mobiles with bigger screens.
  • Chances of distortion prevail