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VR3DTM – Cardboard Composite Folded Version



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Product Description

  • Brand
    : Felix Innovations
  • Model
    : VR3D
  • Item Weight
    : 120 gm
  • Product Dimensions
    : 3” X 6”X 5.5”
  • Compatible Devices
    : Devices with android, IOS, Windows or Blackberry operating systems. Devices with gyroscopic sensors (for head tracking), if the device does not have Gyroscope, still the device can be used for viewing 3D content with stereoscopic (side by side view) video technology.
  • Screen size supported
    : 3.5 to 5.8 Inches
  • Interpupillary distance:
  • Product material
    : Laminated Duplex Board
  • Head strap material
    : Elastic Band
  • Option of designs
    : Different Prints as per Photographs


  • This device works properly only with Smartphone which has gyroscope sensor
  • Controls of NFC supported games and other content works with NFC enabled Smartphone.
  • Magnet may affect Pacemaker or any other magnetic affected implants or instruments in body, keep away from this.